Uploading firmware to NervesHub is called publishing. To publish firmware start by calling:
mix firmware
Firmware can only be published if has been signed. You can sign the firmware by running.
mix nerves_hub.firmware sign --key devkey
Firmware can also be signed while publishing:
mix nerves_hub.firmware publish --key devkey

Delta Updates

With Delta updates, NervesHub can compare two binary files and only update the pieces of the firmware that have changed. This can reduce the size and cost of OTA updates by up to 95%. There are a few requirements to use Delta Updates:
  • You will need to enable delta updates, on a per product basis, on the product settings page in your account.
  • fwup >= 1.6.0 - If your nerves system is based on nerves_system_br >= 1.11.2 then this condition is met. If not, you may need to upgrade your nerves system.
  • nerves_hub_link >= 0.9.1 or nerves_hub_link_http >= 0.8.2
  • Delta update compatible nerves system
    • If needed, you can find instructions in Nerves: Experimental Features for how to make the necessary changes in your system to support firmware patches.
    • see Nerves: Customizing Systems for instructions on creating your own Nerves system if needed. We also have pre-generated examples for rpi0 and rpi3 targets which can be added to your mix.exs:
def deps do
{:patchable_rpi0, github: "verypossible/patchable_rpi0", tag: "v1.12.1", runtime: false, targets: :patchable_rpi0},
{:patchable_rpi3, github: "verypossible/patchable_rpi3", tag: "v1.12.0", runtime: false, targets: :patchable_rpi3}
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