Creating an account

The NervesHub server is currently in limited beta so it does not allow new users to sign up. However, you found these docs and if you can use mix and endure some API changes, you can join us.

In addition to the web site, NervesHub provides a command line interface (CLI). Some features are only available via the CLI. To enable the CLI in your project, addnerves_hub_cli to your dependency list:

  defp deps do
      {:nerves, "~> 1.3", runtime: false},
      {:nerves_hub_cli, "~> 0.1", runtime: false}
    ] ++ deps(@target)

Run mix deps.get to download the nerves_hub_cli dependency.

Presumably you do not have an account yet. Create one by running:

mix nerves_hub.user register

If you already have an account, make sure that you have authenticated by running:

mix nerves_hub.user auth

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