In this example we will create a device with a hardware identifier 1234. The device will also be tagged with qa so we can target it in our deployment group. We will select y when asked if we would like to generate device certificates. Device certificates are required for a device to establish a connection with the NervesHub server.

$ mix nerves_hub.device create

NervesHub organization: nerveshub
identifier: 1234
description: test-1234
tags: qa
Local user password:
Device 1234 created
Would you like to generate certificates? [Yn] y
Creating certificate for 1234

It is important to note that device certificate private keys are generated and stay on your host computer. A certificate signing request is sent to the server, and a signed public key is passed back. Generated certificates will be placed in a folder titled nerves-hub in the current working directory. You can specify a different location by passing --path /path/to/certs to NervesHubCLI mix commands.

NervesHub certificates and hardware identifiers are persisted to the firmware when the firmware is burned to the SD card. To make this process easier, you can call nerves_hub.device burn IDENTIFIER. In this example, we are going to burn the firmware and certificates for device 1234 that we created.

mix nerves_hub.device burn 1234

Your device will now connect to NervesHub when it boots and establishes an network connection.

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