Create tfvars

Before you can deploy the architecture with Terraform you will need to set the variables that Terraform will use to generate the AWS services. First, You will need to clone and change directory to the the NervesHub Terraform repo. From there you can copy the example tfvars file:

 cp terraform.tfvars.example terraform.tfvars

If you haven't done so yet, you will need to configure your AWS credentials so that the AWS CLI tool can access AWS. Please note the associated profile name. Finally, fill out the variables in the newly created terraform.tfvars with the data that will best support your instance of NervesHub. Below is a brief description of required or important variables and suggested values:

  • region = the region to which you want the app deployed e.g. us-east-1

  • profile = the profile from your AWS credentials file that will grant Terraform access to AWS

  • bucket = an S3 bucket for storing the Terraform state files

  • bucket_prefix = the prefix for all S3 buckets that will be generated

  • dynamodb_table = a dynamodb table for locking the Terraform state

  • key = name for the Terraform state file e.g. terraform.tfstate

  • operators = a list of IAM users

  • db_username = name for db user

  • db_password = securely generated random string password for the DB

  • domain = the domain matching the production hosted zone created in the configure DNS step

  • web_secret_key_base = securely generated random string (e.g. mix phx.gen.secret)

  • web_smtp_username = the Access Key ID saved from the configure SES step

  • web_smtp_password = the Secret Access Key from the configure SES step

  • web_from_email = the email address from which email will be sent on behalf of the app. Configured in SES step

  • erl_cookie = securely generated random string (e.g. mix phx.gen.secret)

  • www_live_view_signing_salt = securely generated random string (e.g. mix phx.gen.secret 32)

  • ca_image = docker repo for nerves_hub_ca e.g. nerveshub/nerves_hub_ca:latest

  • www_image = docker repo for nerves_hub_www e.g. nerveshub/nerves_hub_www:latest

  • device_image = docker repo for nerves_hub_device e.g. nerveshub/nerves_hub_device:latest

  • api_image = docker repo for nerves_hub_api e.g. nerveshub/nerves_hub_api:latest

  • whitelist = a list of IP addresses that can access the site (optional, usually used for a staging environment)

WARNING: If you generate passwords and salts, make sure to avoid special characters that could cause escape issues or may be otherwise unacceptable for their intended usage.

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