Run Migrations

The last thing to do is run initial migrations to configure the DB and seed some starter data.

Default VPC

A brand new AWS account will have a default VPC that has no name value. Our migration scripts will attempt to search VPCs by name and will throw an error if an unnamed VPC is encountered. Please give any unnamed VPCs some default name value.


There are 2 migration scripts which need to be run: one in the NervesHub CA repo and one in the NervesHub WWW repo. In the nerves_hub_ca repo directory run:

rel/scripts/ nerves-hub-staging nerves-hub-staging nerves-hub-staging-ca nerves-hub-staging-ca-sg

In the nerves_hub_www repo directory run:

rel/scripts/ nerves-hub-staging nerves-hub-staging nerves-hub-staging-www nerves-hub-staging-web-sg

These scripts may take a few minutes to run and will exit with a 0 status if they are successful.

Current State

The app should now be totally accessible. The seeded login credentials will be:

username: nerveshub
password: nerveshub

For security, it would be a good idea to login and update the default password right away.

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